Shri Devi was introduced to yoga in 1995 while searching for a life-changing spiritual practice. At the time, her career required an enormous amount of hours resulting in high levels of anxiety and stress. While visiting a Bay Area, CA yoga studio, her perception of yoga & meditation changed forever. It was there, she learned breathing techniques and a physical practice that deepened her meditation.

After years of taking classes, Shri Devi earned her ERYT teaching certification specializing in prenatal, restorative and community-based activism. She gives much respect to her teachers, both living and passed, who lovingly keep her heart in the place of being their student.

In 2010, Shri Devi traveled to India to further study Yoga and Ayurveda.  She felt it was important to respect the cultural lineages of yoga and how these paths intersect with other ancestral healing practices. It is a part of her teaching mission to remember that yoga is far more than physical activity on a mat. It is also meant to be a practice of peace, integrity and wellness.

The American concept of "yoga" can be controversial in many ways. For this reason, Shri Devi purposely works to deconstruct misconceptions of a yoga practice and how it is presented within various communities.

She brings an earnest energy into classes that encourage each student to explore their own journey of wellness. A yoga practice should promote the healing work we all seek at every level (emotional, physical, and mental) through postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), and mindful thinking (meditation). Everyone is welcome to go at their own pace and enjoy the wonders that yoga can bring (on & off the mat).

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